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Auckland CBD Crown Grants

Property in the Auckland Central Business District was gradually sold by public auction with the earliest Crown Grants dating to 1842. Some Sections and Lots were retained in Crown ownership for the purposes of defence, hospitals, schools, reserves and development of the foreshore. Many of the early prospectors such as Brown and Campbell and William Smellie Grahame are well known amongst the archaeological and historical communities, still many more purchased individual lots on which to establish a home and/or business. It is envisaged the data contained here will be of use to archaeologists, historians and family researchers alike.

Heaphy Crown Grant Map at Auckland City Libraries

The data to be provided here encompasses all that land bounded within Karangahape Road, Ponsonby Road, Franklin Road, the foreshore area and Symonds Street back to Karangahape Road prior to land reclamations in the harbour. The bulk of information contained herein is reproduced from the anonymous 1860s Original Grantees From The Crown, Date of Grants, and Contents of Allotments to Facilitate registration, etc, etc, compiled from official records held by the Special Collections, Auckland Public Library as NZ Map Number 4475-51. Due to the age and condition of the map some information is unable to be provided. Further information has been provided by personal research, however there are Allotments for which no data has yet been identified. Data will be updated as the information comes to hand.

Early land grants are gazetted in the New Zealand Herald and Auckland Gazette; copies on microfilm in the Auckland City Library. Many lots from the first sales were sub-divided and resold within days. Some lots won at auction by officials Shortland and Felton Mathew did not result in titles as the transactions were contrary to the rules set down. The first titles for these lots were from their subsequent re-auctioning.

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