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Site Recording Wiki

This section of the website gains its inspiration from the NZAA Site Recording Handbook published in 1999. The Handbook provides guidelines to archaeologists in NZ recording sites. It is no longer in print but can be downloaded in PDF format from the NZAA website here.

This wiki is based on the principles of the handbook but will allow the information to be maintained on an on-going basis. Initially, this is based on the handbook format but it is expected to develop beyond the scope of the original document.

Base Manual

History and Objectives of Archaeological Site Recording in NZ

Site Recording Research Design

Site Recording Field Planning and Organisation

Site Recording Site Classification

Recording of Prehistoric/Maori Sites

Recording of Historic Sites

Survey methods

Doing the (Virtual) Paperwork

Special Topics

Site Recording and Legislation

Assessment of Effects on Archaeological Sites

Care of Archaeological Sites

Significance Assessment of Sites

Artefact recording and management

Technical Sections

Photographing Archaeological Sites during survey

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